Free Guide: A Beginner’s Guide to Custom Web App Development

Avoid Common Startup Mistakes and Accelerate Your App Development.


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You Don’t Have to Be Technical to Build Your App

Entrepreneurs can come from anywhere. Even in the most technical markets, non-technical startup founders can lead and succeed with innovating Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Whatever your experience and background, your ideas and goals can be brought to life with the right execution strategy...and that’s exactly what this ebook will teach you.

In this ebook, we lay out everything you need to start building your app today:

  •  The basics of the effective Lean Startup methodology
  •  Common pitfalls to avoid (we see a lot of these!)
  •  A strategy to accelerate your MVP
  •  How to iterate on your MVP once it’s launched
  •  What to do when faced with the elusive hockey-stick growth

If it’s your first time, or your tenth time, get ready for some pragmatic advice.